Living Lemonade Grace

We are often defined, not by our ability to embrace the perfect unfolding of life,
but by our ability to ebb and flow with the unpredictable, the unpleasant and the unwanted.

When we look at this ‘job’ of parenting / mentoring, what is to be learned rarely comes from what we plan or schedule or create. The riveting lessons that linger long-term, are those of the simple yet profound, the heart-learning over the head-learning, the real schtuff of life, and how we give ‘er in the thick of it.

When the world gives us lemons, some wonder “Why?”, others say, “Ahhh yes, what magic can I create now?”

This weekend we made lemonade.
Funny thing about lemonade, it tastes best with a heaping dose of grace for good measure.

For those of you following LifeSchool Inc. and our series, The MindFULL Mentor ~ an exploration of those committed to FILLING head and heart consciously to lead little ones with integrity ~ perhaps saw the post Lil Man Hankering 4 Retreat. Liam, my 6-year-old, and I were to head away on our first meditation~connection retreat this past Friday. He began packing Monday, and we were both bursting with anticipation … until we woke Friday morning. Ahhh blowing snow, record flakes falling for the season and visibility at a min, in the city, let alone way out in booney-ville where we were headed.
And so, we had to postpone.


As Liam and I stared out at a sea of white, I could feel our heavy hearts beating. “What next?”

“Mommy, I know we can’t go now, but we can go later right? And, um, you know, if we can’t go on our retreat… then can we go bowling?”

Ahhhh lemonade made right before my eyes.

We talked about our disappointment and made a Pact-2-Adapt and make this the best MindFULL weekend as a family, ever.

We sat in singing-bowl meditation time.

We played alphabet games, and drew magical pics.

We snuggled and watched Bolt the Wonder Dog and discussed how we are all special within and more courageous when we love and are loved in return.

Liam ShovellingLiam shoveled the neighbors walk with vigor and joy.

We made healthy cookies and decadent Jello (for the first time ever).

And we bowled. Oh YES! we bowled. And all the MindFULL-days-long, we took Mommy’s new toy out for a spin…our Canon Rebel T4i captured it all. Yippee.

Nate Yahoo Bowl

Liam, and most children, are our greatest leaders in living Lemonade Grace, taking what might heavy the heart and spin it and weave it, and out of it, create light.

Dad n' Liam Contemplt Bowl

Boys Psyched to Bowl

Little ones do this innately, and courageous ones, particularly in the throes of true threat and put to the test of survival, rise with grace and power and an inspiring ability to somehow emerge more for having overcome. We saw this of the people of Boston, of the people of the world, these past number of days. Despite the devastation, those who stood in the midst of chaos, those who longed for love ones’ safety and those watching in awe across the world, perfect strangers, mourned, cried out, tried to make sense, will heal…together.

We are not the sum total of what has struck us by surprise, but the pheonix we become by rising from the ashes time and time and time and time again.

Bleeding HeartI wish you grace, I wish you lemonade even when you feel you can hardly deal with life at your door. May you find the souls who comfort you, who fuel you, who, yes, laugh with you and make the world a more MindFULL place to be. I do believe this is the only way we will not only survive, but thrive in a world that time and again makes little sense and yet all the sense in the world when we love more and better.

In honor of the loved ones who mourn, who sit at bed sides, who squeeze those close, closer, and the world filled with human beings and spirits who simply will not be daunted by fear, who will somehow find a way through for justice and truth in love. To the people of Boston and those who found themselves there that fateful day.


All pictures and the painting Weeping Heart are Copyright of Jennifer Maki,
Project YES! Life, and Center of YES!, Inc.
Please be in touch if you would like to use 🙂

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