The MindFULL Mentor – INPower Lil Ones

The world would have us give all our energy away. Seemingly there is never enough time to do all those magnificent things we dream to do and more people that need us than can ever be physically uplifted. Our Out-Breath into the families we love and the communities we serve is beautiful and board line crazy at times.

And all the while the young ones in our midst watch wide-eyed, learning how it all works in this life.

What is it we want them to emulate and are we demonstrating that?

We must teach our children the necessity of In-Breath, we must teach them the Centered, conscious action that comes when we are INPowered, not just empowering those around us.

And then there’s the catch, we all know it… In order to teach, we must be the diligent student who first learns, discerns and educates through action and integrity. This is the only way we can ever hope to shift the crazy of our world, to calm.

Once we fully understand and choose this for ourselves, then we are ready to provide inspiration and opportunity for the children of this world…

For as we said before, they will never do what we say, but if what we do intrigues and inspires them, they may emulate a little (or a lot) of what we do.

Sometimes we master MindFULLness and then teach others. Sometimes we take a leap right alongside and commit, as we embark on the journey together.
Either way… You are, rest assured, making miracles with each step.

And so today’s post is how we, in the Maki house, explore, discuss and cultivate within Mom and Dad and with Liam and Nathaniel, a desire to be INPowered and MindFULL, so we have more for the self, each other and ultimately for the world.

Some of these you may engage in already, some may spark ideas, and some you may want to make your own tomorrow. Whatever you take from this, I hope it ignites joy within you and leaves you reminded of your amazing role as parent, mentor and treasured, trusted friend.

Cultivating MindFULL Living:
~ Be In It Together … Really!
Since the boys were small we have not talked Time Out, but Centering Space. We discuss the fact that we all need breath, perspective, energy-recharge, a peace n’ joy injection that sometimes cannot come from another and can only be discovered from the deep and calm river within. We talk of God, but this is not required. You may talk of Buddha, of Allah, of Muhammad or simply self… Regardless, the space is there, with a power to soothe.
We encourage the boys to go to their Centering space and come back to connection when they feel ready.
We certainly have a standard for how we all, as family members, conduct ourselves … Contained within our Maki Mantra. Centering time is required when we loose sight of these values and stray away. We Center to return home and are welcomed back with love.
We have seen incredible things come of this… Greater compassion for the ideas and feelings of others, a self monitoring of how one is feeling, an ability to choose Centering when felt needed and gentle reminders from the boys that maybe Mom or Dad need a little Centering time;) And we take it, gratefully. And grateful that we journey together, in our joy, in our sorrow, in our perfect flow, and inevitable faltering. We know as they know, we are in this together for keeps, and we share a common goal for greater peace.

~ Decide what MindFULL means to your family, hold a team meeting and decide together how to cultivate this better. Brainstorm ideas, make Space together, set times for connection and then make ‘er happen and hold each other to it. Even little wee ones will hop on board easily with this.
We get Centered before LifeSchool program time, often when we wake, before bed and when the day gets crazed. Sometimes we do it together, sometimes I do it myself and they see. But all along the way we are learning to GO Here, to choose breath and calm over wild ranting and raving upsets. Do we mess up? Ohhh yea! But when we finally see, we see it together, talk about what happened, what we were feeling and why and how to do it better next time.
Think about it… If we do this now, sharing the tough stuff of the early years, do you think the chances are better that we’ll share the really tough stuff of our latter years? Oh I hope so. In fact I’m bettin’ on it. 🙂

~ Set the Stage, Walk the Talk and Take Them Along for the Ride.
I go on retreat alone, Todd goes on retreat alone and the parent with the children plans special time. When we return we share the magic that came of it, we implement the changes that we’re inspired to make as a result. Our children see that this time in contemplation, mediation, sometimes reflection and planning, has real and relevant power. They see our glow and the celebration we make of that person’s time away and, then the moment comes when… They want in on it! “Yahoo!” I say.
A week ago when Liam asked me if we could go on retreat together, I thought my heart would burst with joy. And now we are two sleeps away and both filled with an indescribable joy and sense of peace.

We set the stage through it all Moms, Dads, teachers, mentors, aunts, uncles, friends. I do believe that this is it, how we will truly, one person, one parent, one child at a time shift the planet for love and peace.

We see it when we commit to it, we see it fade when the world pulls our attention outward, when we begin empowering and forget to INPower.

It takes a community to raise a child, it takes a group of kindred committed souls to remind one another time and again what it’s really all about and why we as human beings are really here…

To Master MindFULL living and in this love better and more.

In gratitude for the kindred souls reading this, I honor and delight in our magnificent adventure together!





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