The MindFULL Mentor – Space IN and Out

Soooo LifeSchoolers… How went the reflection and observation of your ‘space’? Did you discover a rekindling with an old fave spot or feel inspired to create anew?

We know the power of Space, but often the world can crowd in and before we know it we can hardly determine where we end and the world begins, let alone claim a place of space to make our own.

The Space of which I speak, that requires diligent and conscious creation and expression, the place of peace we require much like the air we breathe, to be centered in thought and action…exists both within and with ‘out’. And we must pursue it where it lives.

Sometimes to get in it helps to create that outward spot:
-An altar that contains the symbols that remind us of who we truly are, at the core, and what we aspire to emit into the world,
-A place in nature to take in the miracle of natural surroundings, calling us back to our roots of flow, and sway, strength and cyclical evolution to more.

I invite you to either create or return to these spaces, discover new and fun ways to make, explore, more. One could never have too many spaces. 😉

But beyond the Space ‘out there’, lies the real journey we long to tap… The Space IN HERE. That is the ultimate goal isn’t it?

To discover, hone in on and tap consistently, this space is the difference between a life lived and a life powerfully experienced with purpose.

What greater gift could we offer our children, the children of the world, than the concept, the understanding, the knowing, the trust, that no matter how crazy or unpredictable this world may get, there is a place that is theirs that is calm, cool, collected, safe and empowering beyond their imaginings?

When I have shuffled off this mortal coil and my boys reflect upon their lives, I hope when they reflect on their Mommy that they remember not her words but her space of Love, within herself and her honoring of that within them.

I do believe there are many who join me in this desire.

We must flow from Center to inspire Centered living for or children. We must cultivate Space creation for ourselves to Speak of It with conviction to our little ones. They will gravitate to that which warms them, welcomes them and shows them, through action and example A Better Way.

In a world where shootings occur all too frequently, obesity reigns and depression grips the masses, we are called to find this Better Way, for ourselves: thus igniting a desire within the watchful eyes of the generation who may well lead the masses to grander, safer, peace-filled, powerful Space.

And so I invite you to Create or Re-Create Outward Space and Cultivate Inward Space.

Find, create, that room in your home, work, car. Rediscover the world of nature (as Donna shared in reply to yesterday’s post … Thank you!). Fill a shelf, a table, an altar with items that symbolize what you long for, aspire to. Spend time here, intermittently throughout the day, consistently AND when you know you need a break.

Cultivate Space within. Spend 10 mins when you wake, before bed and at any moment needing centering throughout your day, focused on breath, clearing your thoughts… Letting them float by like clouds, returning breath and focus to a clear, blue sky of peace.

Try this for yourself today and tomorrow and tomorrow eve we will reflect on how to bring this practice to our children in fun and frequent ways.

Happy Space Creation MindFULL Mentors!!






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