Lil Man Hankering 4 Retreat

4 days ago Liam, our old soul of 6, asked, “Mommy, when are you going to that Buddha retreat place next?”

It has been a while since I last spent moments at the Arrow River Hermitage, but it is a kindred place of connection for me and I felt a deep stirring at its mention.

“Why do you ask my love?”

“Well, I guess I’m asking, cause I’d like to go with you.”

My heart beamed wide, “You would? I think that sounds like a fabulous idea.”

As Liam’s eyes danced with wonder and joy, I swear I watched him grow 5 years in but a second.

“I just need you to know before we commit, that this will be a different kind of vacation. The place we go is rustic you know? This kind of retreat means we will wake very early to meditate and will spend the time exploring in quiet. What cha think?”

“Mommy I know all about it, I’ve seen your pictures and you’ve told us stories. I’m in! Really.”

All week we’ve worked plans, setting a date, emailing to get confirmation on availability of space. It almost looked as though we’d have to wait until May, and Liam was as hopeful as I, that somehow we could go sooner. But we surrendered to what should be, quietly. And then the note came, there is space for us April 19-20! Yippee! We shared a high five and twinkly anticipation.

It has been the talk of the week. Liam has told everyone who will listen and is even prepping younger brother.

I overheard just the other morning, “Now Nathaniel, while Mommy and I are on retreat, I want you to be very good for Daddy.”

To which Nathaniel piped up instantly, “Liam, I always am!”

We’ve shared grand talks on what to bring. Little. Just paints, paper, crayons, and symbols for our altar that will help us settle in, candles, and healthy snacks to fuel our bodies, brain and being, and of course books to share. He tried to negotiate toys, but when I spoke of less as more, of our need to connect back to the toys of nature, he understood with a spirit wise beyond his years.

This morning I could hear whispers outside our door, letters being sounded out, being put together to make words.

Todd and I lay there listening, amazed at how quickly they grow…

Little did we know…

We emerged to find Liam half-way packed, an elaborate list written out of each carefully considered item, checked off once found and placed in the Thomas the Tank Engine suitcase.

He knows we aren’t going for a week, but he is filled with so much ‘joyful energy’ he simply must do something with it.

We’ve all been there! Maybe you are today too.

What are you so excited for in your life, that you simply must do something to prepare?
If there isn’t something, why not create something to stir your joy?!

Here are some images of my precious boy, his joy, his energy, his lists;)

This experience kicks off a Lifeschool series I will run over the next while called MindFULL Mentor. Keep a lookout… I think you’ll find some tips and ideas to fuel your adventure.

Happy Saturday!



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