Let Us Make Time


This was a superb post today on facebook from Words/Quotes/Saying That Inspire.

It struck me…
We do think we have time, don’t we?

We live as though we get a do-over at some point, as though these days with our children, our partner, our loved ones, our colleagues, our neighbors, in this world, will somehow last forever.

We lose sight of the frailty of time, of experience, of moments.

This is not about becoming melancholy about life and its fleeting essence; it is about becoming present and fully alive in the grace of and the gratitude for the moment.

We have today. We have these people that surround us. We have these precious experiences to revel and delight in.

It is simply ours to ensure that as these times fade away, as they inevitably will, that we can reflect knowing we LIVED THEM fully and completely and with no regret.

Whatever your day brings, be not deceived by your human nature to take it all a little for granted.
Bring your complete and total awareness to all that surrounds you.
BE Here Now.

Picture for but a second what it all will look like 10 years from now. Those in your space will be changed, perhaps gone…

Will you have loved them well, expressed all that is in your heart, laughed fully, encouraged completly, spoke truth sweetly? Will you remember this scene, this stage, with reverence and a standing ovation for the heart given by all, inspired by the direction of your unconditional love?

Now, return to present time and place with new eyes, a rekindled heart and BE what you know is in you to BE when you see life with the perspective and awe it deserves.

Having loved and lost many in my life before their time, I know the full worth of our moments shared and how I long for more. And still I can get caught up in the day-to-day of it all. Posts, messages, messengers such as these bring me home to truth…

And I remember.

May this message reach you, touch you and inspire you to LIVE your today, BEing in all you do, aware of the gift.

In the spirit of
Making Beautiful the Time We Do Have,
In Love,


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