Surrender Spring #Too ;)

Essential life tip we long to instill in our kiddies, heck, one we wish to master ourselves…
Be Resilient!

When the world hands you lemons…

Oh wait, when the world brings you winter in the spring, make merry.

Today we woke to another two inches of wintery wonderland glitter. We suited up and went to spread a little sunshine in our own way…

We built 3 friends along the road of Boulevard Lake, a snowman waving, a little alien greeting and a snow guy with an arrow thru his head (yes I have tried n’ true boys!). They hail passers by and hopefully bring a smile to the curmudgeons-of-spring … One actually slush-spppprayed Nathaniel as he passed us by in haste. No matter we built on.

They may melt before morn but today’s LifeSchool lesson was about drawing the fun out of life, when many grumble.

And what fun we had. Perfect packing snow;)

Happy Spring all. It will be upon us soon enough. Until then, how resilient and joy-full will you be?!

Have fun!
jenni, Liam and Nathaniel! … And our 3 snow-buddies too!



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