Surrender, Alright, Already

We woke to 2 inches of the white n’ fluffy stuff again this morning. Yesterday, as the world dripped wet and cold, Liam whined, “I thought it was supposed to be spring. When will it just stop snowing alright already?”

Our response, with a warm smile was, “When Mother Nature decides.”

Today, when we woke to more, Liam busted into our room doing the happy jig, “Yahhhoooo! It snowed. Cool! Lets go outside!”

What happened between yesterday and today?

Surrender and a perspective shift!

Think about it… When this snow came back in November, we all woke “Oohhing and Awwwwing” thrilled that the ground was a’ sparkle and the sky of brilliant blue. But in April we curse its lingering.


Blasted expectation foils us again.

But kids, they flow. Even when their logic (idea of what should be based on what the world has now filtered into their little minds), is tested, ya they question for a moment. They maybe even mirror the frustrations of others they see around them, but then their “Yahoo!!” bubbles to the surface.

Children surrender to what is, they adapt and return to joy. They get on with life and make snowmen!

Take a moment to see where you are whining in your life. 😉 How are your expectations setting you up for less than joy? Where can you better flow?

There is a time for creating powerful shift in our lives, seeing what is and making it better… And then there is a time…to make snowmen.

Wishing you a day of YAHOO! no matter what the world throws at you!





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