THIS is my Dream Life

We hop in the car, strap in and are ready to cruise on our errand-running mission. I hear 5-year-old Nathaniel pipe up from the back in his bubbly-joy voice, “This is my dream car!”

I turn and look into the backseat. He’s holding one of his sketched creations in his hand.

“What car is your dream car, Nathaniel?.”

I’m thinking he’s drawn a picture of it and am anticipating a vivid description.

This car Mommy, our car!”

Now, if we had a Ferrari perhaps this would not be an unusual claim, but we drive a vintage Mazda Mystere. We love it, but it is not flashy to be sure. And yet, to our boy, though surrounded by a world that reveres new and flashy, he sees through the facade and finds the magic of what is his.

How incredible to look around our life and realize that what we have is exactly what we dream of!

I wish you a Saturday of observing your life with fresh eyes. Rather than thinking of all that you dream to have, create, be today… See, really SEE, all that IS and revel in the magic and joy and love you possess now.

May you shout from the depths of your being, with pure joy, “This is my dream life!”

Yours in collective gratitude,



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