What Do You Radiate?

“True beauty transcends clothes and makeup, it radiates from within…and you are Radiant my love.”

My husband said this to me when I woke this morning. Of course, I swooned, but beyond this, I was struck by the message of truth it holds for us all.

What are you radiating?

Your innate beauty is stunning!

Flowing from within, we glow and the world glows with us. Those around us are inspired and are able to more brilliantly see their own beauty.

Children live in this place of natural glow. It is the world of expectations and restrictions that slowly but surely clouds this perfect beauty of soul.

Let us be people, mentors, who light the world with beauty by example… Seeing, feeling, flowing with it from within.

Today, what is it that you will radiate to the world?

You will never truly know how vital and vibrant you are to those around you.

So let us all BE and Act from an assumption.. Everything we Think, Feel and Do Matters.

You are a true beauty. Know this. Flow from there.




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