Tips n’ Tools 4 Heart Connects

Today is Reconnection Day in the Maki house. After weeks of Daddy on the road, we settle into one another in presence and find home.
We’ve spent our day reveling in the magic of family.
How do you reconnect with loved ones? How do you return to centered connection?

Here’s our Family Fun Times list…

~ Kick your day off right with cuddles and stories in bed
~ Play games! Rummikub is stellar for older ones, Busy Town for lil one inclusion and team-based fun
~ Take crazy pics of each other and giggle away
~ Make a special snack together (doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be a treat). We make oatmeal, applesauce, raisin, seed, coconut oil, banana cookies in oven 350degrees for 20 mins
~ Play an instrument and make up crazy songs
~ We aren’t big TV watchers, but we sat together and watched American Idol today… We shared goose-bump moments, talked about talent and how any dream you hold can be realized. Pick shows that spark life-well-lived conversations.
~ Cuddle breaks throughout the day to spark love and reconnection
~ Light a candle, breathe, listen to gentle music, say a prayer or make a wish for someone in the world and share thoughts
~ Put on crazy tunes and dance, dance, dance together. Heart not skill is the main requirement
…And here we are gettin’ connected n’ crazy!

Hope these spark magical moments and ideas for your own creative quality connects!

Would Love to hear yours to add to ours;)
Happy Bliss-creation day!





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