Sparkle Thoughts ~ The World Needs YOU!

Ganesha by Angela Gollat

Last night I attended a synergistic workshop, full of flow and authentic soul-searching.
(Don’t you just LOVE these type of connects?!)

The genuine, gregarious and glowing, Angela Gollat, artist, mentor and co-owner of The Creative Commons, was our guide. She is also, I am thrilled to say, my newest client, on a collaborative adventure to empower her to take life and contribution to humanity to new levels of YES!. I would be remiss if I were not to mention that I feel awed by her and as though we have been kindred souls a few lifetimes over.

And so, what began as a professional exploration of sorts, turned deep and true and well…FUN. As is so often the case, whether I am participating or facilitating, it is pure joy to sit in presence with others as whole and cracked and searching and as committed as I to a life in pursuit of perpetual peace and limitless joy.

Energy, its power to heal and destroy, to bring clarity or to befuddle the simplest of situations, and our ability to harness it for greatness, was on the table. I find it such a buzz to watch people as they listen to the reminder of the power they hold: a gift to engage in meaningful conversation and for human beings to feel free to throw questions ‘out there’ that beg no answers, but empower us to collectively consider. Ahhh I was in heaven.

If you do these workshops, good on ya. If you have yet to dive in, fear not, you can pick one as subtle or crazy as skimming-the-surface or digging-deep as suits your fancy. But by all means find a space, a place and people to journey with in essential conversation. Your YES! Life will thank you.

This particular eve brought forth some superb take-aways:

1. What is your reason for wanting to Journey IN?
Mine… my boys. All that I say is for naught if my DO is out of whack. We all know it, “Kids do what we do, not what we say.” So for authenticity sake, I owe it to myself and to two watchful souls, to BE that which I long for them to BEcome. And so here I am, balancing introspection with conversation, inward creation with outward sharing, taking classes and taking stock, listening to the guru within and taking cues from the brilliant souls that walk this earth.

2. Can you read a person, whom you’ve never interacted with, in 1 minute?

Ohhhh Ya. We did this cool exercise where we looked at a person, held them in view or closed our eyes and went inward with them in thought and then came to and wrote or drew what we sensed, what we knew of this person on a piece of paper. At the end of the minute they handed us our sheet and we handed them ours. After a total of 7 encounters, we sat and looked over the papers. BANG ON. May sound left-fieldish, but try it! If you have ever been in a precarious situation and needed to find a way out, you have very quickly discovered that you know more about your surroundings, where to go for help and what to do, then you would have ever thought. Our intuitive self, or what I call the Guru Within is on call 24-7, it is just a matter of whether we are tapping that wisdom by asking the poignant questions.

3. What does it look like to be all connected?

What a fabulous question posed. I felt inspired to share a little snip-it from my own life. So I told the story of, what I call Sparkle Thoughts. “It began with my boys. We have this ‘thing’ that we do when we drive through town… we see people walking along the street, or driving in their cars (Liam and Nathaniel, my boys, are in charge of the ‘spotting’ of those in need.) When we find the person who seems in need, we send them Sparkle Thoughts of Love. When we first started this, the boys would wonder why they didn’t see any instant reaction. I would explain, we just put Sparkle Thoughts ‘out there’. We never know when or how those sparkles with reach them, but they will, in just the right moment when they need to remember they are loved. This is a huge part of who we are now and the way my boys perceive their work in the world.”

As I shared this, I saw nods and smiles and I was reminded that something we so often do, that we think of as so ordinary, sparked something in those who listened.

Opportunities for exploration, invention, re-creation are powerful. We are POWER-FULL. We need to get that in thought and word and deed we can, in fact, shift the world for good.

Tonight, as I was sharing with my boys the relationship I have embarked on with Angie, Liam piped up and asked if he could add something.
He said, “Mommy when one of us sees, and comes from our divine essence, then we can bring joy to the world.”
HE is 6, and he so gets IT. I know that some of where he flows from comes from what we cultivate in him as parents, but at a core and innate level, he knows this, wants to explore it and share it with the planet.

I have much to learn, we have much to learn. May we commit our lives to the passionate pursuit of flowing from Divine Essence, spreading our Sparkle across the world and watching it evolve before our very eyes.

A heartfelt “Thank you” goes out to Angela, who blesses this world with her authentic journey inward and pure and tender desire to spark power-FULL knowing in the hearts of others. Her Art Opening and unveiling of the Awakened Collection launches this Saturday. This is the beginning of something world-altering. I encourage you to watch her grow, because she represents the potential in every human being when we tap spirit and flow with truth and trust. Congratulations Angela. I can’t wait to see where this crazy ride takes us next.

To all you LifeSchoolers… Sparkle… Sparkle…
You will never know how much the world needs YOU!


*Please note that this breathtaking piece of Ganesha is, in fact, a masterpiece done by none other than Angela Gollat. Didn’t I tell you she is brilliant:)!!


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