Donning the Cape for our Kids

Hero Fam Pic

“A boy doesn’t have to go to war to be a hero;
he can say he doesn’t like pie
when he sees there isn’t enough to go around.”
E.W. Howe

Of all the things we long to teach our children, aren’t the basics of heroism in body, mind and spirit
at the core of it all?
To see the world around them,
to notice when their gifts, their courage, their truth
may save a life, a heart, and
with courage, to deliver
what is necessary and empowering.
To show kindness where there is indifference,
to think, to consider,
to weigh the challenges of life
and infuse the world with solutions.

A hero can mean so many things,
simple and profound.
But to inspire our children,
to guide them in the ways
of living and being more
for their families,
their neighbors,
the planet…
We, as parents and mentors,
MUST become Heroes ourselves.
In the spirit of encouraging you along the journey,
here is a video to watch with your children,
links to empower you,
and a stellar TED Talk video on The Heroic Imagination Project.
May you walk away from this with a few more capes in your Phone Booth to don:)
Happy Heroic Weekend 🙂  jenni

Links to Ignite Your Hero Within
Response Ability Project – What Really Is a Hero, Anyway?
Red Room – Hero Blog Feature – Mary Wilkinson, Heroes Are Everywhere

TED Talks

The Heroic Imagination Project

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