The World’s Gone Gaga for Happiness…Finally

whatever calls answer

Today marks the first official International Happiness Day, as declared by the United Nations.

We know the powerful nature of happiness to our flow, quality and ultimately quantity of life.
Hope is glowing in our midst, as with each gesture toward bringing these essential esoteric elements to light we are one step closer to a global journey marrying head and heart.

It is simply thrilling to think that, finally, the pursuit of happiness is on the table during political talks and policy setting.  YAHOO for the happiness pilgrims, gurus and relentless believers, the world over.

Listed here are some links to info to ignite you in your perpetual, personal pursuit…
but beyond the world’s take,
if you simply pause, breathe and ask yourself the following…
where do the answers lead you?

What truly ignites your happiness?

Are you living and giving enough of it?


If not, how can you fuel more happiness in your life?


What one thing will you do today to Live and Give more Happiness?


How do you think the world can change by putting Happiness on the agenda?


As always, I would love to hear, but regardless, I hope you take it in and make the first International Happiness Day one that resonates at home and resounds in the world.

For the world to be truly happy for any of us,
we must discover ways to make it happy for all of us!

Some Links to Fuel Your Journey Forth… in Happiness 🙂 jenni


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