Givin’ It All Up 4 Joy

Everything we set our sights upon,
All we reach out to hold,
Each truth that resonates within
and is delivered to the world,
The steps we take,
The love we make,
The life we long to know…
Must spill forth from the depths of our being,
call to us from beyond our grasp
with a pure and resonate JOY,
A JOY that leaves us breathless,
Wanting more.
With this,
All things are possible.

I snapped this picture of the precious soul who walks with us as son, Nathaniel, as he bubbled over with melodic bliss.

This is the place where he lives.
This place is a place of pure and limitless JOY.
This is a place every human being longs to rest, rejuvenate, resonate, reside in.

Do we fully understand that IT IS OURS already?

JOY is not something delivered but determined from within. It comes not from what we receive, but ARE.
The only thing, at any given moment, that stands between our state of less-than-this and JOYs’ presence,
Is Our Conscious Choice.

What I find remarkable about Nathaniel and many, many little ones around the world, is that they may stray from JOY for a fleeting second (when they don’t get what they want or are befuddled by their own emotions), but just as quick as they left, they come home.

Let us make today a day, this life a life, of coming home… Of manifesting, creating and spilling over with the JOY that is alive and present in our days.

Make a list, Right Now, Quick before you find a Busy-Excuse…
10 Things that Bring You Joy.
10 Things You Are that Bring Others Joy
1 Thing You’ll Do Today, to bring You, and inevitably the world about you, Home!

Wishing you a gazzilion moments of Givin’ Er ALL Up 4 JOY!

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2 thoughts on “Givin’ It All Up 4 Joy

  1. Music transcends all we know and Nathaniel always surprises me with his appreciation. Last week he told me that Philip Philips sounded like Dave Mathews (and he is absolutely right).

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