Fuel ‘Em 4 Life

boy eating applesSomething so simple, yet so profound.
Can nourish or deplete,
Enrage or engage.
Worth our energy,
Our openness,
Our commitment.
To Fuel our Bodies, Brain and Being
In Ways to Wake the World
and Inspire a Generation of
Yep… you guessed it. 
Healthy, Vibrant, Balanced Food:)

It is no secret that youngin’ are in trouble, with the rate of obesity on the rise and an ever-evolving cacophony of poor eating choices at our finger tips, at a fraction of the cost of healthy choices.

We as mentors and parents need to set the stage, feed the actors and inspire the audience engaged in our vibrant lives to ante up and eat well.

I must admit, having kids later in life, I’m rather clear about this.  I care less about catering to my children’s wandering, candy-fixed whims and more about educating them on the very real opportunities of making healthy choices and the consequences of making poor ones.

Yes, I am a ‘Mean Mommy’ and my boys know it.  Now, let me be clear, we walk the fine line quite well I think.  I don’t want to create an obsession with junk food just hankering to be fixed when Mommy’s watchful eye is turned, but I DO want to talk it all through and make conscious choices, enjoy sweets in moderation and continually keep the door open for education and enlightenment. 🙂

Two boys, born 17-months apart, under ANY circumstance have a Wee-Bit o’ Energy to burn.  It is a whirlin’ dirvish to admire and sometimes to duck from, but add sugar to the mix and its a recipe for crazy.  I’ve seen it a time or two, not often mind you, but in those moments I can understand why our world thinks the kids of today are out of control.

They are out of control!

At any age, pump us full of carbs and sugars, allow us to shirk our responsibility to down a green or 2 or 20, let us pass over water for pop and watch us devolve into a mess of irritation, frustration and sluggish slobs too lazy to pass a knife through a cucumber, let alone spark up the blender for a green shake o’ the good schtuff.

fruit tacos

Our children need us to be tough, to know how to feed them and water them and when, to give them options of one good thing over another, not succumb to the false idea that fast food line-ups are any faster than grabbing a bag of carrots or chopping up celery.

There are too many resources out there to ignore, really.  It is a no-brainer for even the most undomesticated of us (and believe me when I tell you, I am the most undomesticated of the lot).  If there was a pill (healthy mind you) I could take instead of standing in any kitchen, ever, I’d take it.  But alas, there isn’t, really.  And if I can learn, and make the time, anyone can.

So for those in the Mean Mentor (Mommy, Daddy etc…) category, I Salute YOU.  For those looking to take their rough n’ tough (for the betterment of little ones everywhere) stance up a notch, kudos for knowing you need a change.

Here are some gem links to Fuel YOU for Life and let the little ones be wowed in the wake of the changes you will make.  Our very lives depend on our choices, our commitments and the grocery-list-wisdom we will inevitably pass along to our children.

Happy hummus n’ kale munching to all and to all a 10-hours of sleep 🙂


Links to Fuel ‘Em 4 Life (and YOU:)
p.s. *Thanks to Super Healthy Kids for the awe-inspiring pics featured in this post:)

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