The Pot o’ Gold Is Yours

A tradition began in our lives when we talked of our Irish heritage and read a story of two children who put forth their best efforts to catch that Trickster, the Leprechaun.

Oh it has been the most extraordinary unfolding from there, as St. Patrick’s Day approaches and the scheming begins.

It is not that we believe we are not already rich beyond measure, but it is the hope that we may come face-to-face with a legend who holds secrets untold.

Liam, our oldest, builds intricate traps, while Nathaniel creates a place, “I just know our Leprechaun will love to play. I don’t need to catch him Mommy. I just want him to love it so much he comes back every year.”

We plan and create, together. We read of tradition and family history and the power of stories. This holiday is beyond what was, it is a creation of connection and imagination that IS and perhaps a joyful tiding that will become a new and inspiring tradition for future generations.

Although this morning we woke to find the Leprechaun has slipped through, he was no doubt impressed with the innovative traps set, as he left gifts of thanks that stirred delight.

Where the boys had laid gold to lure him, they found bright colored candies laying a trail leading to a comic book that only a mystical creature outside of mommy and daddy would know they enjoyed.

It is the scheming, the team work, the giggles, the imagination come to life that wows us, and when they find their reward, no two are more grateful than daddy and mommy for the exciting traditions we are creating, unique and powerful, on this side of the rainbow.

And while catching that clever fellow and having him reveal the location of riches would be grand, we talk as a family of being wealthy beyond our wildest dreams, because we have each other… All we ever truly need.

To your own creative endeavors of spirt and heart and the love stirred and memories made in their wake;)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and true luck n’ love be wit cha!

Here they are…
1. Hard at work creating
2. All is said n’ done, it is fine for the catching. Liam and Nathaniel make a powerful team
3. Nathaniel is a proud architect

4… And no Leprechaun but gifts to ignite sheet joy!

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