Celebrate or Wither Away

Life can be a series of Ho-Hum Happenings or Exhilarating Firsts…our very lives depend on the latter.

Liam’s first tooth was removed by accident, not by nature but by brother, by root. Even that holds a hearty story to linger for years, to deliver to anticipating audiences of teenage friends.

But two days ago we heard the holler,
“Hey Guys, my tooth is wiggly!!'”

What a milestone. What bubbling over joy.

There are two certainties in this life (besides death and taxes)…
Stress diminishes; Joy enhances.
This applies not just to the niceties in life but the years we will have on this planet.

Knowing this, whether 60 or 6, we must seek out ‘firsts’ and when by grace or by glory we find ourselves in their midst, leap and dance and delight we must!

Today find your first, find someone else’s and for the love of all that is precious and real and true, let the ruckus and riot be grand and inviting to all who look on.

High-5s and Hurrahs to You;) j



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