The Heart of Children Across the Globe

We readied for morning reading time. I slid my cup into the Tassimo for some decadent brew and the boys scurried and whispered, doing I knew not what.

When I entered the living room, I was delighted to see the transformation. Our couch had become a theatre, housing the most precious of friends to share in the show. The boys giggled and wiggled with anticipation and joy.

A simple sharing of a classic journey in Narnia had evolved into a grand adventure to stir our imaginations and include the dearest of friends.

THIS is the remarkable world of a child played out. It takes little for them to find themselves engaged and if we, as parents, respond with joy, their innate and wondrous sense of peace and happiness is affirmed.

There are treasured stuffties that Liam and Nathaniel walk through life with, who comfort them through trials and whisper sweetly to them in the depths of their dreams. This connection and dedication to playthings is universal. The plaything may take the form of animal, stuffed or living, car or character, made of plastic, plasticine or twigs, it matters not. The love transferred from child to toy provides the support and joy that empowers a little one to know the world as precious and sacred and filled with hope.

It is ours, as parents and mentors, to encourage, sit silently by experiencing and to honor these special relationships as very real.

And so I insured each audience member had a clear view as I turned the pages and we joined Shasta and Bree on their daring trek from Tashbaan to Narnia in book 3 of the Narnia Series, The Horse and His Boy. And what a glorious time was had by all. Memories to last a lifetime. 😉

I do believe were we to fill our home with children from around the world and their varied treasures, no matter the ‘who or what’ was carried in toe, the joy of sharing would have remained the same.

We are so similar you and I,
we weep, we laugh,
we long to touch the sky.

I share here with you an extraordinary insight into the world of children across the globe, as posted and shared by The Boys Mentorship Collaborative via (the original sources) The Nature Nurture Project and Mark Armitage at Play.
The link below is to Amanda Gorence’s wonderful post on this extraordinary piece…The Toy Project by photographer Gabriele Galimberti.

This photographic delving into the rooms and hearts of children with their toys opens the door to a keener understanding of what differentiates us and what keenly connects us from sea to sea.

I sincerely hope you enjoy and I hope the next time you see a child with a friend dangling from their hand, that you pause to say a warm “Hello” to them both.

Photos of Children from Around the World with Their Most Prized Possessions


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