YES! Tips to Rocker Joy

It is often the unexpected, the spontaneous,
that fuels us to tap the brilliance
that lays within,
awaiting ignition…

I received a fantastic comment and question from one of our engaging LifeSchoolers, that sparked thought and now, this post.  So I “Thank you Donna for your reply to Battle of Head vs. Heart!”

That post revealed my release on the reins of the ‘obligation’ to write and the inspiration that has come as a result of my allowing flow to reign.  It has been freeing to say the least.  Donna cheered for this and then asked a question about my process, how I move from thought and prose to blog?

It got me a-thinkin’… I Love questions, really.  They make us pause, release what we thought we should be chattering about and beg us to shift, to consider, to answer.

Since beginning this LifeSchool Inc. blog, I have become more.
My sight has expanded.
My life, as I believe all our lives are, is always a miracle unfolding, but with a commitment to record it, the instances, the innuendos, the lessons (as they unfold and in retrospect) are more alive somehow.
My moments are thoughts and prose; my photographs are capturing the details, the life as art revealing of each second that I bring my attention to. 

No Donna, I don’t write any posts before hand.  I thought I would.  I thought I would stockpile so that I would be assured I would never miss a day, but when I thought of the integrity of it all, I wanted it to be what I was experiencing day-to-day, in LifeSchool, in life.
And so, I jot.  I jot ideas in my little note section of my iphone, in my notebook in my purse, or on a napkin or whatever is handy in the moment.  I capture photos of everything.  I am seeking out the treasures of the day, the snip-its of extraordinary in the daily, seemingly-but-oh-so-not-to-me, ordinary.

I have not been writing daily, although my vision for it all is the same and I am living-full daily.  But I am jotting diligently.  With my husband Todd traveling on and off throughout these weeks, we are grasping every second with him while he is here and then, when he is on the road, I post what flows.

In Battle of Head vs. Heart I spoke of change and it has been a process and a flow oh so sweet.  That  I will share tomorrow.

This evening I will wrap up with a little Yes! List of tips to capturing the treasures of your days, regardless of whether you are an avid blooger, an avid liver or both 🙂  We all long for the days in the twilight of our years to be filled with grand stories shared as we sip and rock and talk and laugh, til the end of our days, don’t we just?!

YES! Tips to Rocker-Joy…

  1. See every moment as if you were to write a book about it.  In this, we tend to engage in the magic of it more fully, to see it all with the eyes of one intent of finding the miracles, the lessons, the joy, the beauty, the worthy (that is there and begs to be seen), of it all.
  2. Jot.  You think you will remember, you won’t.  The greater the time lag the fuzzier the detail.  Keep a notebook in key rooms in the house or in the car or in your purse, or all of the above.  The writing need not be detailed or article-worthy, but for the sake of capturing your life in snip-its, for you, for your children, do jot!
  3. Photograph.  Again, you need not be a professional, you need not even be all that good, just willing.  The idea is for your Jot Note to match a visual moment captured.  Wouldn’t you love to look back over your life in pictures that matched a moment in words shared?  The look on your face when you discovered your first loose tooth, a gut-splitting giggle fit you had with a sibling and the line she said that took you there?
  4. File It.  Do a little, do a lot, but file it away in some way for safe keeping.  Maybe it is in a file on your computer, your phone, in a blog or a scrapbook.  No matter the form, organize it up front so that it is easy to add to and keep up with.
  5. Just Begin.  Doesn’t matter if your child, your spouse, your loved one is 5 or 50, what a gift a little Jot n’ Capture will make down the line when you decide to share it with them.

Who inspires you to want to pause, jot, capture?  Who and what do you long to remember in the days and years ahead as you reflect on the miracles that made up your life?

May you be intrigued by these questions, pause, consider and maybe, just maybe answer in your own unique and powerful way.

Thank you again Donna for the spark that fueled my week and this post.  Bless you!


A little YES! from our family to you and yours…




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