Battle of Head vs Heart

To write or not to write, that is the question. And the answer
can only be sussed out after a heated and discerning debate between what lies deep within and what rests between your ears.

The 365 Day Challenge to create for LifeSchool Inc is alive and well but the shift from prose n’ thought to blog has been scarce of late.

A me of former years would apologize… But the Exec Coach n’ Yes! Life advocate says, “Life always spins in a direction of intention with your highest good at the helm.”

I am on FIRE with ideas and shifts and perspective and peaceful intent since our trip. I have a gazillion stories to share with hardly an inkling where to begin.

NOW I write from a place of passion and effortless flow, not obligation.

I desire this for me as a writer. I long for this for us all, as a fellow pilgrim and human adventurer in this world.
I invite you to explore a day, a life, a world where every single action you take comes with a powerful discernment that there is nothing you would rather do or be other than what you are engaging in in this very moment.

Yahoo!! YES!! H#*$ YES!!

I am back in Canada and in full life-revamp mode. I find myself feeling fresher, freer, able to assess all that routine I have fallen into and am picking it all apart bit by joyous bit, reassessing its true and valiant worth in my world.

Oh yea baby things a gonna change.

Okay, so these may not be radical shifts… As a momma, LifeSchool facilitator, wifey, I may not elect to jump from a plane right now, or take that marketing gig at the UN, but…

I can assure that each and every thing I do with my boys, in my Project Yes! Life biz, in the romantical life with my TMan and genuine, spirit-igniting relationships with friends, that I am Choosing IT, Inspired by IT and Fueled to Contribute within IT.

Let the YES! Map begin and the ideas for shift flow…

I’ll keep you posted, promise;)

Xo j

And here I am, we are … Embracing the Yes! of each magical moment we consciously live;) … In sun or snow and all the in between!




4 thoughts on “Battle of Head vs Heart

  1. It’s great to hear that your fire is reignited and you’re writing from passion and “effortless flow” rather than obligation.
    Do you do any writing by hand before you write your blog entries?
    What was your process to “shift from prose n’ thought to blog”?

    Time out of our routines is refreshing. I recently was guided in a very brief yoga meditation to imagine my ideal life: where I wanted to be, with who and doing what. I was thrilled to find that I visualized how I am living now. We are blessed to be able to make these choices for our lives. 🙂

    • Loved this note Donna! Thank you:) It is actually spurring my post for this evening, so again, I appreciate your reaching out and asking. What a fabulous visualization opportunity your yoga instructor provided and even more stupendous that you find yourself in the center of your YES! life. This is rare and beautiful, and undoubtedly empowering to many in your midst. Yea! Blessed indeed. I hope you enjoy the post today… 🙂

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