Mesmerize Them To Learn

It is a delight beyond words to watch your children’s minds and hearts alight, their desire to learn spark and ignite before your very eyes. We would do anything to provide this sweet and life-altering experience for them, wouldn’t we? Yes, oh yes.

In LifeSchooling our boys it is my responsibility and my joy to seek out and provide them with expansion opportunities.

At every turn I am amazed with the world we are born in to that has no limit to its magnificence. You can spend the wad or pennies, but abundance surrounds us regardless of your means.

Whether walking through a garden, snuggling close to Mickey for a pic or petting the velvet wings of a bat ray of the sea, young minds grasp it all with awe and wonder and joy. We have the blessing of being the onlookers and record takers so that they will have a chance to more vividly remember how and why they evolved into the adults they will become.

Yesterday we explored a simple yet profound place, tucked away along the salt flats of Southern California at the Chula Vista Nature Center. It was a place of magic for the boys. There were few animals, but being all representative of San Diego’s habitat, we were amazed at the variety and our ability to get up close and personal.

We watched a Golden and a Bald Eagle eat lunch and Liam was on fire with excellent probing question about all details one would need to know.

We saw a burrowing owl outside its tiny hole, a green iguana sunning itself (prompting further discussion about cold blooded nature and scales that hold heat).

We saw the microscopic world of the sea under glass, leopard sharks cruising, bat rays gliding and flapping to the surface in hopes of scoring a pet or a morsel of food, moon jellies majestically floating and sea horses and blue tangs gobbling up their mid-day delicacies.

And as if to welcome us and wave us on our way the wise and ancient green sea turtles.

Within two hours we were transported to a world we only knew on the surface, literally, and now have a deeper understanding and appreciation for all living creatures of the Bay.

I know teachers around the world provide these opportunities daily to our little ones, I just feel grateful to have been the one alongside them learning and encouraging their awe all the way.

Here are some snaps of our mind-blowing day;)

– The golden eagle before snack
– Curious Burrowing Owl
– Nate in awe of the centuries old species …Leopard Shark
– Liam’s snap of mom thru the under water bubble glass
-Moon Jelly
-Cool fish tank with Nemo and Friends
– Mesmerizing Sea Horse
– Our Friend Waving Good-Bye
May you find such hidden treasures to ignite you and your watchful ones.
And I’d love to hear of your adventures that proved mind and heart opening.
The journey is so much better shared together;)









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