A Much Needed BE ME Day

Children need moments connected with family, friends, strangers-come-friends, to feel the divine joy that fills when love is abundant, chaotic and true.

But then there are moments when the young soul craves one on one with self and, well, Mommy. It is our duty and pleasure as mothers to provide this time that perhaps even a child does not fully understand he/she needs, until its delivered.

We’ve been on the road for quite some time now and I could just feel Nathaniel, our 5er, and his craving for a Be-Me Day.

At 5 your world is at the whim of all those much older with clear ideas and decision making power. But we, as kindred guides to these precious beings must ebb with these littles ones’ flow every once in a while to ensure they feel as honored and essential to the fold as they deserve.

So Nathaniel and Mommy embarked on a Be-Me Day. Nathaniel’s Day his way… Scrambled eggs and apple juice with Ken in toe on the excursion, sand castle building (with a hot tub designed for ken and his guests;), kite flying, treasure hunting, bird chasing, wave skipping, foot printing… All wrapped up with chocolate frozen yogurt with M&Ms.

His spirit soared, as did mine and we came home sweetly spent and more divinely connected as Mommy & son & treasured friends.

May you have the ears to hear the soul of your child as they silently speak to you of their deep desires and, embrace their longings of heart, demonstrating your love with action on their behalf;)

Here Nathaniel and Mommy are Being Me together;)

His time begins with unprompted mediation.
Breakie with Ken
Beach snuggles
Sand fun
Hittin’ the waves
Kite Flying
Leaving our print on the world…












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