Have WELLth, Will Travel

We owe it to ourselves, to our children, to set the stage for a life, a lifestyle, of moving!

This, and initiating healthy eating habits and encouraging centered being and action, will empower the next generation to embrace life with a vibrant and optimal YES!

And so, although we are on the road, overnighting at hotels, we make wellness a priority regardless.

We shopped upon arrival:
Greek yogurt
Fresh blueberries
Almond butter
Tahini (mix 1 tbl to 3 of almond butter to make a healthy n’ yummo veggie dip)
Sparkling & filtered water
Bag o lemons

Enough to keep us alkaline and well fueled.

And then, in addition to copious pool time and swimming lessons with instructor-momma, we hit the gym.

The boys revel in the gadgets and gizmos of the fitness room. They walk, challenging themselves with a faster pace and competitive inclines. We lift weights, squat, stretch. And all the while I feel buzzed that they are learning the beautiful and indescribable high that comes with physical exercise.

“Train ’em young,” they say.

A gift we give ourselves that truly fuels a generation to come.

And now I demonstrate the the value of a good night’s sleep.

What a blast this whole parenting thing is, isn’t it?!

Wishing you a day of initiating and demonstrating YES!

And here we are, workin’ up a commendable sweat;)


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