School in Powerful Snip-Its

Today, school was a blast… Lifeschool that is. Our curriculum consisted of swimming lessons, math and gym.

The learning in our two-on-one classroom was second to none, seriously…

Liam learned to float, solo… Nathaniel took it out for spin and came super close. Liam did a front somersault under water. Nathaniel learned the bounce pass in basketball. And they both paid for their own In-Play passes and dealt out required tokens for games and added up what they won for a little prize.

Priceless… This ability to hone in on their passions, their joy and deliver as mom and teacher!

May we all discover and deliver in ways to engage, educate and delight our children daily.

And it all wrapped up with a night out at my fave restaurant that Momma and I frequented yearly for a lobster feast celebration and, an amazing chat about all my mom meant to me throughout the years.

Moments etched on the mind and heart.






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