Flowers & Hagen Daz

Today is day #2 of our LifeSchool travel adventure. After Liam and I embarking on our Toronto date night, Nathaniel and Daddy joined us this morning.

What a gift to road trip it together;)

With 4:00 a.m. rising for papa and Nate and a wee hour celebration for Liam and I, tonight … After a fab time spent with our Lifer Friends the Connicks… We returned to the hotel and crashed.

The kiddies slept, I poured a decadent bath and Todd hit the grocery store for Jenni’s faves of sparklie water n’ tea.

I finished up and sat semi-comatosed on the bed, watching our sweet boys slumber. I hear the click and Todd slips in, but retreats in the hallway, out of sight for a time. When he emerges, he holds a bouquet of glorious pink flowers and a small tub of Hagen Daz. These only pale in comparison to the twinkle in Todd’s eye.

“Peanut butter and chocolate baby,” he says as he passes it off. This means it all, as this is a blessed fave and a treat rarely had.

I am once again awe struck by this man who knows exactly what I need when I need it.

May we all ‘get’ the desires held in the heart and mind of the ones we love.

And now I sign off to share moments with the Prince Charming I am blessed to call mine;)

Happy ever after 😉



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