Date Flight n’ Night With My Little Prince

Must apologize for my miss of a post yesterday… Technology glitches on the road. Will make up for it as I share the LifeSchool Adventures on the road and in the air over the next month, I promise 😉

Last night Liam and I embarked on a fabulous adventure over lake n’ land, cruising at 25,000 ft heading south and landing in terrific Toronto. Just watching my baby, in big-boy mode, greeting strangers-come-friends, ordering from the flight attendant, whoopin’ me at UNO and Crazy Eights, such a perfectly heart-swelling buzz.

We did all the grown up stuff and then added in goofy kid fun for good measure… Jumping on the bed, taking pics of anything and everything and leaping into the pool.

I knew I would love my children. I knew I would appreciate them in my life. But I had no idea how the love I feel could fill me so completely and that I was unleashing a powerful soul and best friend to me in the world.

Life is such a blessing and LifeSchooling affords us these magical, spontaneous, adventures.

And it is just beginning… We will be visiting and touring throughout Southern Ontario this week and then 3 weeks in Southern California. Will keep you posted with learnings, observations and fun-filled moments.

Here is our beginning…
In wait for the plane
Flying 101
Fun in mid-air
Dining bliss
Hotel view n’ cuddles
Morning swim
Key Master;)

Happy Livin’ the Dream Day all you LifeSchoolers!
Xo jenni















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