A Curly Girl Unleashed

Fun, with a capital ‘F’, day today.

karma-locationI’m not a spa, pedie, pamper, queen, but I do love a cup a joe, a good ole fashion hair cut and a stimulating chin-way with a fantastically dynamic stylist (and of course the head massage thing rocks too).  I checked out and tapped into a new salon today, Karma.  Ashely was my tour guide and there’s nothing I like better than having a keen idea where I’m going and then meeting someone who inspires me to leap to somewhere new.

My last stylin’ hair peep had moved South and while I was saddened to loose the tried n’ true, I’m always up for a shift, knowing I always land, not where I thought maybe, but somewhere, always BETTER.

I went in with preconceived notions of straight, layers and whisps and came out with rockin’ curls.  Yes, I have naturally, outta bed curls, but have always tamed them to make waves or forced them out with an iron.  Just seemed the thing to do when you don’t know what to do with ’em.

314710_280050148688890_66968_nBut today I was educated in the ways of sassy, au natural, chem-free, scrunch n’ set, free-wheelin’ curls.  This new Wave of fun for Curly Girls is a blast, a manifesto (they call it), and so healthy I’m hooked.

I’m glad I don’t always get what I think I want, but always get just what I need.  (Thank you Rolling Stones for this bit o wisdom).   Today I got more than I bargained for.  I got 1 hour of jenni-time, steaming coffee, educating banter about hair & health and a whole heap o product for my sassy-curl-wannabe.

If you’ve got the lid, they’ve got the goods n’ tips to take it out for a full spin.

Here are all the links you’ll ever need to join in the joy 🙂  Thank you Ashley for the educational blast and, oh yes, that stellar head massage that made me feel like I’d basked in the glory of a half-day spaaaahhhh.

We all need to cut loose and giggle and delight and deviate from the ‘woulds’ and ‘shoulds’ to explore the ‘coulds’ to discover the ‘wows’.  My boys get Lego, I get this… 😉

May you explore your Ting…and flow where the day, the mood, the guides take you for higher levels of YES!


Fab Links for Curly Girls:
Curly Girls on Facebook
All about the Chem-Free, Fab Deva (No-Poo) Products
Karma Salon – for tutorials on How-To (and if in T-Bay…your new stylist awaits)


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