Who Knew? Finger Knitting 4 Peace

Gotta say, never had a real burning desire to learn how to knit. I mean, one day, maybe. Because I love those beautiful wool sweaters those Tibetans weave magically for cool fashion and mountain-air warmth.

But Finger Knitting? Never heard of it.

Until I homeschooled and then, wham, it’s everywhere. The idea of a child having a repetitive, peaceful, near-instant gratification project made sense to me. It emulates the meditation flow and process that guides my life, and so I thought “Let’s see”.

I took the tutorial, these FK-ers really know what they’re doing and boy do they make it look easy. I was all thumbs at first, always been more of an outdoor gal myself so this was a first, but then… It started to flow and it was fun, really.

Just like the books said, the boys emerged, inquiring. (Best way to engage your kids, let ’em see you having fun and then wait for the ‘ask’. And it came,) “Mommy, can I try?”

I showed them the ropes, their tabula rasa minds drew it all in, in minutes. And there they were, weaving, winding, chanting and completely mesmerized by this moment. Yahoo.

WoW these homeschoolers know their biz, truly. And I’m blessed to have the support to expand and entice me on this journey.

Tonight Liam disappeared out of his room and then came back quickly for tuck-in, carrying with him the roll of multi-colored yarn.

“When I wake up I want to do this again Mommy,” he says pulling out a string in preparation.

What an eye, heart and spirit opening experience today and one that may serve our boys in more ways than I could imagine.

Thank you to the tutorial teachers and my boys for embracing it all so keenly.

What an unexpected ride in a world I am overjoyed to have entered into.

Happy knitting! Can’t wait to show you our wares as they grow:)

And here they are … Taking it our for a spin and their first creations.  And then I’ve included the tutorial in case the desire strikes you… we can make hats and scarves and share the buzz:)






And Thank you goes out to the fantastic The Well Trained Community Blog for posting ideas, tips and this helpful video.

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