Sweet Sunday Serenade

What a sweet sweet Sunday spent reveling in each other, the music and the convos of soul.

My man picked up the guitar and we were all swept in and away with his familiar serenade. Hours passed like minutes and the creative flow spread from Daddy to son. The audience engaged in riffs and righteous melodic meanderings.

No experience required, just a desire to play and entertain.

This musical spirit and its longing to swell and spill over through finger tips dusting over and picking free the cords and bars that let loose sounds of soul, this is the deepest and truest part of our precious Daddy and friend. This is one of the richest gifts he brings to our lives.

And this morning I swooned,watching our boys eying their Daddy with delight and jiving along. And then to see Liam take his turn and quietly, sweetly create for us a tune to make your heart soar and weep, this, these moments are what I live for.

There could be no greater example, no greater mentor for our boys and today he packed us up and took us all on tour, right here in our very own living room.

Self-taught and learning to play by ear, driven to success and band-playing, by sheer desire to strum and to express, Todd is a testament to the notion that Loving and Pursuing with Passion are indeed enough.

See your passion, take it up and show your children and/or the world that their dreams too are worthy of pursuit.

Happy Serenade Sunday … Wherever it leads or calls you to.

And here they are in stellar, strumming action;)




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