Lessons from the Missing Guy

5 days later re-enters our Daddy of the house after a bout on the road. We missed his being here dearly, but funny how you can’t truly put your finger on the magic one brings to a room, a life, until you are suddenly at odds without it.

We’ve been smiling and giggling and happy while he was away, we thought. But then he swept back in and like one who has no clue how much they’ve missed the sun until one day it appears and warms the skin in memorable ways, we ‘got it’!

I sat simply starring at Todd, wowed by the simplicity, the perfection of it all, of him. We, the boys and I, are only a real and solid WE, when Todd Maki is in our realm.

And so I sit thinking of what he has taught us, teaches us daily, and brings to our world. If I were to extract the greatest lessons I’ve gleaned from him, they would be… (Listen up, cause these are zillion-dollar gems that he, in all his humility, may never have shared.) 😉

1. Say only that which builds and serves and loves.

In the 10 years I have known Todd Maki he has never said a critical thing about me. He may not always agree, but he never tries to belittle or break you. Given time, he knows the people of heart will wake up and shift for better. And at that moment when I awaken and spill my soul, he simply says (I kid you not), “Jenni you are perfect my love. Simply perfect.” He sees the me I long to rise again and again to be.

2. Explore the world of music, celebrate myriad artists and bring their message to the unsuspecting.

I listen to hundreds of albums now that I never knew before Todd. He hears the artist’s story, lives it for a time and ignites a desire to listen in others. I am richer for this exploration.

3. Wear your heart on your sleeve and flip omelets.

Todd has what you might call an easy smile. It is always there, just looking to light up the world about him. But the smile is simply an opening line to a whole sonnet of gestures to make you glad you’re alive… Making, flipping and serving up omelets of mouth-watering magnitude, just one of them.

4. Help, for God’s sake and your partner’s sanity, Help.

Todd may not always anticipate needs, that is not many a man’s forte, but there is nothing he won’t do once he knows how to help and what you need.
THIS, not cooking or flowers or diamonds, is the way to a woman’s heart.
A man who asks, listens, concedes, and then ACTS in keeping with a request, this is what makes us swoon… And frees up an uncanny energy to love you even when we thought all was but spent (BIG hint here boys!)

5. Dreamy eyes, give her the Dreamy eyes.

There is nothing quite like walking into a room and the look in your man’s eyes tells you, you just made his heart skip a beat. Time stills, you are 16 again, and the spills, laundry piles, pee-clean ups and potty details, just melt away… You are a girl again, in love and your presence matters to THIS man. WoW.

There are many many more, but this is a start.

May you be reminded of the love you share, the love you deserve and are willing to deliver to your bride or groom or better half, because a fairy tale romance is created by conscious, beautiful, worthy-of-toil choice.

Thank you for going away Todd so I may learn once again all the magnificence I have and always have had in you. And to think… The best is yet to be. Yippee 😉


And here my prince is and, we are, living it up in the world, celebrating moments shared.






2 thoughts on “Lessons from the Missing Guy

    • We are blessed beyond words that you found us and linked us together…Thank God for Beaches Volleyball and serendipitous timing. You, my sweet friend, are a matchmaker-extraordinaire 🙂 Love to you precious Carla! xoxo j

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