Blanket Fort Flashbacks

I flung open the door, all a-tingle to see my boys. I’d only been gone 4 hours, to work, while our sitter Yesica played with them, but it felt like days.

I expected the familiar pitter-patter of scurrying feet en route to leap into my arms, but instead I heard shuffles and whispers.

So when the door swung wide, where I thought I’d see munchkins I found a castle of blankets and pillows and I laughed out loud.


Two little faces peaked out and giggled. “Click” went the camera that perpetually captures treasured pics in time, within my mind.

I felt a familiar tingle rise and spread within me. I couldn’t wait to get inside! As I crawled in, I could almost feel the clock tick back. I remember vividly the wild joy of building such a castle ‘just so’, cubby holes, a secret hideaway that only the small of body and large of heart can fit. One rule to enter… You MUST BE FUN!

They brought the pillows and blankies, I brought the candle. We sat, staring at one another, talking, oozing joy at just sharing this seemingly secret spot. Time stood still and I felt privileged beyond words to be included in the ‘kool n’ krazy kids klub’.

Our boys no nothing of exclusion as of yet. Yea. They know only all-for-one, pillow mountains, brave quests for another stuffy to join the adventure and snuggles by flickering light.

I will hold these moments tight and treasure that melding of my world and theirs and revel in the secrets that we keep together and adventures wild and free yet to be.

Here are the foggy pics of their lair, as no extraneous lights may be used for fear of busting the mood of it all;)

Happy flashback!





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