In the Midst of Illness, Blissness

WoW, what a week.  We are the healthy guru crew so often that I completely forgot what it is like to tend to dripping noses, fevers of 105, sleepless nights rivaling new-born-babe experiences and today, the piece de la resistance … an upheaval on the couch (yes, that’s what I mean).  Ug.

And yet, this morning is one of those mornings I will forever remember for all time.  My boys crawled in for comfort and we slept, snuggled together until the crazy-late hour of 9:30.  (Unheard of with this early-morn gang).  Then Nathaniel, our lil guy, needed water and food.  We snuck out and let Liam continue snoozing.

This is where the magic began.  My little Tigger, as we affectionately know him, bounds out of bed each and every morning and hits the ground bouncing.  He will bounce from morning until night, full of zip n’ giggles and, if you are lucky, every once in a while you will receive a Run-By-Kissing (or hugging).  Only if you are willing to build the Batman Lego or read of hockey or super heroes at length will you get a snuggle-in for any length of time, but this morning, I got a glimpse of flow and bliss that will sustain me for some time.

We held hands everywhere we went.  He wrapped his arms around my legs at every turn.  His little lips pursed for kisses moment to moment.  And when he wanted Mommy’s homemade applesauce, he couldn’t stand that I be in the kitchen and he in the bed for a second.  In he came, trailing his blankie and elie-buddy, pillow and even the softy dog-rug, laying them all smack-dab in the middle of the kitchen.  I almost swayed him and then I stopped myself.

“Mommy, I be wit you.”

Yes, oh yes. 

I played the soothing and melodically healing sound track from Pride and Prejudice, I stepped around my little angel gazing up at me and I made applesauce.  I bent to kiss and snuggle-in every few moments and his eyes never left me.  My heart swelled at how such a simple thing could bring overwhelming joy and pure bliss.  He smiled sweetly and we two were completely at peace just BEing together.

There is nothing quite so heart-wrenching as having your baby sick, and this flu was a temporary bout.  And yet, there is a calm and sweetness that comes when one needs healing, that carries beautiful opportunity for quiet connection and deeper, serving, honoring love. 

Liam woke and I set the boys up to enjoy the breakie on the couch (they were giddy with the idea of simply that):)  The whole day revolved around Mommy caring for them and their sweetly requesting and thanking me for all I did.  Yes, this parenthood deal has its moments of wild, head-whirling, needs, expectations and responsibilities, but then, there is this…

A day of just being in love with your children and fulfilling their most basic need of you, to care deeply and sweetly for them.  This is what it is all about, under all the busy on a ‘normal’ day.  Today I just got to slow the clock and feel this current of bliss full-on.

And here they are, just moments before the ‘upheaval’ of what went down, smiling…happy, simply to be loved and to love.  May we all embrace the ebbs and flows with such grace and peace and joy.

To a day for the books (and blog).



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