Timon n’ Pumbaa Enlighten on Wellness

Holiday-crazy took its toll and the troops crashed today, all three of us. Hacking and sniffles and heeding the call to rest and rejuvenate and find comfort in cuddles and sleep and the guffaws of the ever-clever (and informative) Timon and Pumbaa.

After Mom’s relentless reminding, unheard, I popped on You Tube to find some cohorts to help me in my quest to educate my boys on the essential nature of hand washing (without constant reminders). Found this gem and, voila, no need for hounding tonight.

Ahhhh sometimes we need a little back up. I can pump ’em full of green smoothies, provide cold cloths and back tickles and the love necessary to heal in the midst of sniffles, but hand-washing, a Meerkat and a Warthog did the trick.

Happy Health and maybe this Disney duo can corroborate your intel too :). At the very least, they bring a smile.

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