Send Off and a Consolation Movie Huddle

A wonderful send off for Daddy as he sets to the air for Toronto and begins his 8-week president training program for Everest College T-Bay.

We woke pining for him though he was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, and yet kept a stiff upper lip of joy, (almost), certainly not wanting to dampen the adventure ahead and his understandable desire to get at it all.

Todd will only be traveling Mon-Fri each week and will fly home on the weekends. Easy-peasy for anyone who’s said goodbye to a loved one for a job.

I know this, but my heart still buckles at the thought of not being able to tackle him, with the kiddies of course ;), at his nightly arrival home.

We have been apart before as he flew to China, Venezuela, the US as CEO of a couple of companies out west, and as I embarked on work and retreats abroad, but we vowed we’d never do it again and never for this long. We love being together and raising our children together, daily.

And yet, we embark on this because of the long-term buzz and benefits. This is truly a superb and dynamic company and Todd is overflowing with ideas for how he will take it all to new levels for the company and our community. And this is what makes it worth it all. His sparkle, his smile and knowing he does it for a grander purpose at this stage of his rich and full career, is incentive well enough for us.

As we danced in the kitchen this morning, we talked of how often we will connect, how amazing this adventure will be and that we are truly never farther than our hearts. We talked of how soldiers and their families cope and hope and support one another. We talked of families who have lost one another along the way and I immediately envisioned rocking in our 90s in that infamous porch chair, I purposely see whenever I need an anchor to this precious love.

Our boys felt it too and yet empowered Daddy with a brave send off, with waves and squeezie hugs and blow-kisses.

We turned from security and our final “See you soons” and both boys tucked in under my arms. “I don’t feel well Mommy,” Liam said. “I’m trying not to be tired Mommy,” Nathaniel chimed in.

“How about pizza, a movie and couch cuddles, my boys? It won’t bring Daddy home tonight, but he’ll be with us in spirit and we can call him tomorrow and tell him all about.”

They smiled through eyes that said they’d choose differently. Sometimes you just can’t give your children the thing they want most, but in this they learn to flow with life and experience that powerful element of ‘delayed gratification’, we pray. 😉

And so next Friday will be a sweet treat to tackle Daddy ‘Hello’ off the flight, but for tonight we consoled one another as we giggled and nibbled and knew one day soon we would be back together again, as it should be!

Here are the snuggled boys and their fab movie pick;)

Sweet sleep friends…
Hold tight those treasured ones who daily greet you in the morn
and fast embrace you
so oft that one might lose the sight to see the gift of simple walking
hand in hand.




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