Dish Duty and Good-Byes = Real Love

There are souls who enter into our lives and ignite us, with joy, with purpose, with love. They have a magic about them, it seems. When they enter a room it is warmer somehow, when they leave, their light dims in the air about us but glows bright in the heart over time.

My sister and her precious family are five such souls and we had a remarkable Christmas BEing with them.

A few months ago, in fact the one day I missed in this 365 day venture, I was working through the diagnosis my father had received, of Parkinson’s disease. He was a bright spark about the whole thing, relieved to know he wasn’t ‘crazy’ about all the symptoms the doctors had been poo-pooing for quite some time. The three girls, my sisters and I, we needed to process.

Perhaps strangely, the very first memory and wish I had when I longed to have all of us close again was… Standing together in the kitchen, gathered around the sink, soapy hands and tea towels just dying to be flicked, doing dishes, talking and just flowing.

When there is deep and binding love, the connection in mind and soul happen in the everyday of life.

This Christmas, when my sister heard my wish, she and my devoted brother-in-law, made it so. They flew with their 3 children from California to the great white n’ chilly Thunder Bay and we did… Dishes. (Along with a few other significant connecting moments;)

Pure bliss.

Today, as my boys stood palm to palm with those joy-igniting family folk, through the airport glass, in final good-bye… I stood and snapped pics and felt a wave of love and gratitude wash through and over me.

These are the moments aren’t they? The ones, like dish duty, that leave you perfectly aware of the perfection of your life. And even when the world grips and tosses us, we can look back and know, we are steady and true and well-loved through it all.

My family didn’t leave today, our good-bye face-to-face only made me more keenly aware of how times shared deepen the significance of us.

May you see the simple of your life and own it full. May all your good-byes empower you to see the Hello that leaves you time and again richer than you were before.




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