Grasping at Snow Flakes, Flyin’ Regardless

When the sky won’t give you snow flakes, take what cha got and sled anyway!

This is the last day of the visit for my family from California and, amazingly enough, there has not been the snow fall they were anticipating. Instead of a winter wonderland, non existent in their balmy world, they got a dusting here and there and a chill to keep ’em layering.

Alas, as a last ditch effort to deliver their seasonal wish, we hit the toboggan hill, grassy patches and all.

And it was a blast!! The crazy carpets were a bust with their unpredictable response to the dirt specks sprinkling the hill, but the mini luge sleds were a wonder to behold. We bolted over hill and dale and felt as though we were sailing along a typical January snow-packed slope.

Yahoo… They got their wish, we got our giggles, and all is complete in the world of dreams made real for our Cali crew.
Sometimes you just have to suit up and let ‘er ride… And laugh when it comes to the inevitable, intermittent crash.

Happy suiting up for all of life’s unexpected grassy patches 😉







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