Dream Job Launched ;)

A day for the books. As I watched my husband walk out the door, turn back, beaming in anticipation of a job that has called to his heart for as long as its been beating I do believe, I felt joy to the point of bursting.

We will miss him, as the training for President of Everest College in Thunder Bay will take him away Mon-Fri for the next 8 weeks, but we are simply thrilled he is contributing in ways that ignite his soul and will inspire young minds. Yahoo!

Todd Maki, my husband is a testament to the power of keen focus, unwavering belief and trust that a dream held is worthy of pursuing until it is realized.

I could not be more overjoyed or proud. I could not have more respect for a fellow human being and co-creator in this life. I am blessed beyond expression to call this man my best friend and husband.

And here he is as he headed out the door… Blissed. Our boys have been right there along side the journey from the beginning. Yesterday Nathaniel said, “Daddy I think this job tomorrow is so good for you. Congratulations on getting your great job.” And then as Daddy arrived home Liam and Nathaniel came a-running. “Daddy!!! How was your job today? Do you love it?”

This has been a glorious journey of shared vision as a family… A beautiful story of hope and faith and good ole love and perseverance that I will deliver in that Part 2 I owe you, but for tonight we celebrate;)

Happy Dream Pursuit Lifeschoolers! May we live and instill in each other the truth of joy that comes with vision-manifestation!

Sweet Dreams … Sleeping and awake!




2 thoughts on “Dream Job Launched ;)

    • Thank you… ’tis so exciting when you set your eye of achieving and serving in fundamental ways and it flows together in splendid good. I know you know this flow 🙂 Bless you for your comment and celebration!! 🙂 j

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