A Brush with Death for Heart-Full Perspective

friendship-63743_640This morning I learned that a precious and powerful friend of mine had a heart attack.  There is nothing learned by mind or heart in life that can prepare you for the gripping grief that comes when you learn that you nearly lost someone you love.  Thankfully he was able to connect with me himself and let me know he was okay.  For this I will always be eternally grateful.

Nearly losing him made me think of all the ways he’s enriched my life over the years… his relentless 🙂 (& loyal) way of always showing up just when needed as friend and contributor through countless workshops, offering his insights, wisdom and timely zingers.  He moved into my life like an unexpected, gentle, breeze, inquiring about a workshop, and this began a gust of relationship and sharing that has spanned 4 years.

He intrigues me with his ideas, delights me with his laughter and always, always, knows just when I need to be supported with a compliment, a smile, a glass of Merlot, an engaging convo about illusion and manifestation and keeping a light on for all that is empowering, peace-provoking and engaging in this life.  He is a true and honored treasure and I admire him beyond words and am blessed to have him still.

Let us not wait until we stand graveside in honor of a life lived that touched our world and changed our hearts.  Let us shout our gratitude and awe for those life-altering loved ones from the roof-tops daily.

We never know when death may come knocking.  This man walked miles to and from work, biked some odd 200 km/day on various trips, sipped red wine in moderation (mostly), ate mindfully and woke to meditate often.  We can plan a life of health and then one day what we never planned trips us by surprise.  Let us spend each day finding that delicate balance between that which fuels our body, brain and being and indulging when we are truly called with intent and joy (not at whim or out of nasty or unconscious habit).  Let us sip from this cup of life with vigor and peace and love.

Let us plan as if we were to live forever and live each day as if it were our last. (A spin off Gandhi’s famed quote)

To my friend (you know who you are) and to you ‘out there’ reading and considering…  May we sip together and know we are blessed for yet another day together.  Let our time not slip, unnoticed, through our fingers.  I clasp your hand in gratitude and hope we have many more moments to journey on.

* In gratitude to Alex Van for the awesome friendship pic.  Check out his amazing works!

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