Claiming Minutes of Bliss

-7I love the holidays.  I love family connections.
I love the busy, the crazy, the details, the dinners,
the noise oh the wonderful, boisterous noise noise noise noise. 

All of it means loved ones are gathering together and sharing.  In all our diversity, our eccentricities, on our common ground and in all our different places of heart, we gather.

The bustle, the rumblings, the ramblings, the sleepless nights, the over-indulgences and the -6spaces in between it all where we sit watching in awe of the life we are blessed to engage in … I will miss each and every second and undoubtedly pine as I shuffle through pictures of this glorious time spent.

But, if I am totally honest, there are minutes within the chaos when I just wish I could halt it all, just for a time, to breathe, to BE, as I am so often within my regular days.  I wish I could take a wee break and then, once rested, return to it all, bigger and better and more alive and aware, as I am when it all begins.

Today, Todd and I nabbed perhaps for the first time ever when family is visiting from out of town, a breath, together.  Encouraged by my precious sister and supported by my superb niece-sitter, we snuck away.

As we sat, holding hands, swept away by the twinkle in each others’ eyes and the tinkle of the keys on the grand piano, we sipped mimosas, savored every bite and talked of holiday connection and dreams of tomorrow.  I’ve never enjoyed a brunch more in my life.  I could have been at a castle overlooking the alps and couldn’t have felt more adventurous or alive than I did right then.

-5And then, we walked, holding hands and gaining new perspective with each step and each thought shared.  In the sunshine, sparkling snow, gazing out across Lake Superior and into the heart of who we are as individual spirits and a couple extraordinaire 😉 we found bliss.

It is always there isn’t it, just beneath the surface, a calm flowing of what IS?  But in order for us to tap this reservoir of sanity, we must, must, claim it for ourselves, and for the gentle souls we journey with.

As I welcome the festive celebrations of tomorrow with my beautiful family, local and from afar, I come at it with new eyes, eyes that only time spent with my kindred husband and best friend can bring.

I wish you reflection, breath and space between so not a second of truth of the life you live is lost.

Happy almost New Years.  May your celebrations be of heart.

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