A Song for All Time

The most magical element of the holiday season is spontaneity. Those impromptu moments that could never be fully anticipated, those that in all their splendor could never, will never, be forgotten by the mind or the heart.

My Daddy of 82 in body, but giddy as a school boy, unwrapped the Nat, Bing & Frankie Christmas CD and put it in the player beside him. The familiar melodies filled him and he began to sway and tap and that’s when we joined him.

As children the car was often filled with the sound of our voices in melodic reprise and so last evening came naturally. Luckily, this time, my brother-in-law could capture it all on Canon-video to freeze it for posterity.

My sisters and I softly began, not wanting to overpower the familiar voice we loved so well but heard so rarely now. He knew every word, the sweet sound of our kindred carol singers only outdone by this man who, with every note, swelled with harmony and joy. We sang along and I was, as I always have been, dazzled by how all our voices, as our hearts do too, simply fit in this world.

It has been a few years since we have all come together in such perfect harmony of moment and time. As I looked to the man and kindred sisters I admire beyond words, and love beyond time, I never wanted it all to end. Thanks to a heart that shall always know it even after my mind has ceased to hold it, this sweet song and moment of Christmas will live on forever.



Pictures to follow;)


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