Merry Christmas!

What a day!

I can only hope you felt the tingle of joy today that comes from watching loved ones open the gifts and partake of the service, given from your heart. Squeals of delight, Santa’s arrival and watching as the boys delivered to each family member their hand painted candle holder depicting the love and creativity of their souls…pure bliss.

As I tuck in this evening, I give thanks beyond words and pray that each spirit in this world feels their worth, their unique essence that is so required in this life and that, in some form, finds comfort in the world around them.

Thank you to all of you who visit and linger here and add your ways of thought and joy to the mix.

Merry Christmas, Merry Life to you. May all the magic that today seems to bring to the world, linger within and warm you.
Blessings and sweet beautiful joy,

A few magical moments with family today…
1. Cousins wake and rise for the occasion … Bless ’em for loving my little ones so, when sleep is so precious.
2. Santa did come. Stocking magic.
3. Christmas is about moments. Hot chocolate with fab cuz Bridget.




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