Airport Trip To Prompt Joy Rekindling

hugStanding amidst a midnight crowd anticipating the arrival of loved ones, I was taken with the glow of those in wait.  What a feeling it is know in mere moments you will see, rounding that corner, the loved one for whom you wait.  I couldn’t help but smile inside and out.

“Don’t you just love airports, especially at this time of year?” I say to two ladies glancing anxiously, from the infamous ‘door’ to one another, beaming.

“Oh yes.  Yes, especially today.  I haven’t seen my daughter in a whole year,” she says as the tears crack her voice.  “And she hasn’t seen her son either,” she points to the friend beside her.

I had the privilege of not only connecting with this precious mom, but I was able to watch the reunion, the shout of pure joy, the rush, the embrace, the tears spilling from eyes held tight.  A gripping moment that made time stand still.

Do we anticipate, appreciate, our loved ones each and every day as we do when they return to us after a long journey?  The answer most assuredly should be yes, and if it isn’t then I encourage us all to see our family, our friends, our neighbors, strangers with new eyes this holiday season.  Let us see them all through the rose colored glasses we don each and every time we step foot in the airport.  Let us anticipate their every entry into our day, feel alighted at their smile, and embrace them fully with mind and heart.

I wish you airport moments throughout today.  I could not wish you more.
2 more sleeps 🙂


Thanks to NourSpot for the fab cartoon pic!

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