Cheering Each Effort – All Hail the Snow Blobs

“Mommy I don’t think you’ll like my snowman,” sady-face Nathaniel says through shivery teeth.

“Did you make it?”


“Then you know I love it already. Why do you say that though?”

“‘Cause he’s not a snowman, he’s more a snowblob.

I hurried and got my boots on, grabbed my camera and said, “Take me to him. I bet he’s just perfect.”

As I headed out the door and across the deck, I noticed that they had cleared most of the yard, scooping the sticky-stuff right down to the grass. A snowman takes a fair bit, as we know.

I headed down the steps and there he was. Who says a snowman needs three spheres to make it so? He made a perfect goalie and his carrot nose and eyes sparkled with joy, in spite of himself.

I clapped, took pictures and Nathaniel beamed. Liam, big bro, took it all in stride, quite proud of their handiwork, but Nathaniel needed to know status quo was not required for Mommy-Joy.

Ahhh he’ll learn. 😉

When does it happen exactly? When do we begin to question our own creativity and compare our self expression to the masses?

We would hope never, but it happens. It happens to all of us and maybe it just takes a few of us to remind the questioner of their unique and required perfection to make this world the diverse and ever-expanding place that it is.

We need people who paint purple trees, square blocks in varied colors that uncover a deeper contemplation. We need ceiling and carpet painters and snow blog creators.

For if one artist expression empowers a deeper or higher or joyful thought, then the world is all the richer for it.

Yahoo if you too are a blob maker, a box buster, a joy seeker… I bow to you.
For in your actions, your celebration of everything sans norm, you set the stage for the generation to come, a generation that will need more crazy, audacious ideas than any generation before has ever required.

All hail to the snow blobs… Their artistos and onlookers!




2 thoughts on “Cheering Each Effort – All Hail the Snow Blobs

  1. These are the moments that makes us embrace parenthood with love, joy and laughter. Snow Blobs are totally awesome. Your son reminded us of how amazing and magical childhood is and we are lucky to be in it. Beautiful. Wishing you and your family all the joys, love and peace of the holidays.

    • Yes oh yes;) It is such a joy and a greater one for the sharing with families like yours. Thank you. Wishing all of you many snow blob moments of creation and limitless love this season!!

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