Space Creation 4 Creative Connection

Ohhhh how I love to BE organized. Can’t say I get a super buzz outta organizing, but I love it when a plan comes together and you stand back thrilled you toiled for the result.

Into the wee hours we’ve worked to create Space… A space of order and potential for sprawling, spontaneous, chaos… A space for creative expression and easy clean up.

Subfloor, tiles, first cupboard build project for hubby (fab job) and a pretty penny spent on storage bins of all shapes and sizes, later …

Drum roll Please… We have a new LifeSchool Room!!! Yahoo.

Today it looked like mayhem; tonight it looks like this (pics below). We still have a way to go with polishing details, but we worked like mad dogs (where does that expression come from anyway?) this eve to surprise the boys tomorrow a.m.

I feel like Christmas came early this year and my heart is all a tingle (lil sleepy I must admit), but Christmas Eve-like-jazzed for them to wake and walk into their new space.

Ohhh what a joy it is to love our children, to delight in their joy, to see their eyes light up when they are moved.

We do simple by choice and I am so grateful knowing, our boys appreciate this, and the happy dance their mom and dad do when they get the ‘cites, far more then any prezzie we could buy.

And now I must sleep… Don’t want to be groggy when the munchkins come crawling in;)

Sweet dreams LifeSchool Friends;)





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