From Blankie to White Belt – Our Lil Man Embraces the Art

I am in awe tonight. Just moments ago, it seems, I held my precious first born cradled in my arms. He gazed into my soul and I was born anew. I have never, will never, be the same again.

Somehow I thought against all logic that he would be my baby forever. I know you parents of older children know just what I mean. But you never believe it until it happens to you.

One day you wake and they are grown.

My Liam of the ripe age of 6 longs to learn. It’s what makes this LifeSchool gig so much fun, and he loves to learn with me, go figure… Lucky me;)

But then there are subjects that can only penetrate to the core when delivered by a mentor outside the family unit. Although we have taken many empowering classes together, this last week he was over the moon to embark on a solo journey to learn Tae Kwon Do.
He beamed, he soared… And I felt, knowing the ‘peace and responsibility’ premise behind this art, that this would be a way to learn about respect of others and self control when it comes to daily ‘ninja moves’ in our home (among other things 😉 ).

A boy’s got energy and you better channel it or you may wind up with a ticking clock in your hands.

I have no doubt you too want to encourage energetic young boys to become capable, confident, humble, respectful, empowered young men. There are myriad ways to do just this, I am simply thrilled we chose to explore here.

This evening I watched my courteous and curious boy come to life in new ways and my heart nearly burst with joy.

He listened, tried every move and as the Young Master Seung gently guided
Liam with honor, encouraging him to engage with focus, center himself with calm, participant with enthusiasm (and shouting … Which even the quietest of boys love), I watched their bond ignite and flow.

This I could never offer Liam in this same way. I am in deep gratitude for this multicultural world, for people of all faiths, traditions, beliefs, feeling free to share their talents and ideals.

Although this was his first trial class, Young Master Seung could see Liam was open, gushing with the desire to learn. He called him forth and gave him his white belt in front of the other students and onlookers. He spoke of respecting your parents, your body and how you use it, never striking another, he spoke of being open to learning and always trying your best. Liam said loudly for all to hear, “Okay!” The teacher smiled, “Remember Liam in Tae Kwon Do we honor our teacher with ‘Yes Sir!’ Liam straighten, “Yes Sir” and smiled into Young Master Seung’s eyes.

Next element of the process…
Liam stood breathlessly still as Michelle wrote his name in Korean on his uniform. He stood straight, looking and listening intently, taking in her words and her very essence. He felt a part of something larger than himself, part of a world yet to explore and I stood proud and grateful for this full and wondrous life.

On the way home in the car Liam said, “Mommy I want to help you more. I want to always be respectful. I want to keep my white belt and to honor myself and you.”

I listened. I smiled. I felt warm and proud of my baby who just days ago, I’m sure, had been sucking those two fingers on his left hand, barely able to say two words, snuggled up with Bear Blankie. Now he wore a white belt and spoke of honor.

Blessings, every stage, with every word and lesson. And the gift beyond gifts, that we are doing it all together. I, sometimes as teacher, and sometimes as humble observer.

I bow to your unique nature, openness and innate power to give of self with love.

Should you want to learn more about this beautiful and powerful art visit their site Black Tigers Tae Kwon Do (amazing write up here on White Belt and open vessel meaning. So worth a read, sure to remind and inspire all.)

And here our Lil Master Liam
1 – Class Greeting
2 – Class Bow in Honor
3 – Liam receives White Belt
4 – Michelle inscribed Korean name on uniform
5 – Liam strikes a pose. Oh so natural … I am in awe of how this so innately resonates.







2 thoughts on “From Blankie to White Belt – Our Lil Man Embraces the Art

  1. What an exciting day. I am smiling feeling the joy you have in this post as your son steps into another wonderful milestone in his life. I am planning to put my son in karate soon. He’s a bit anxious but I know he’ll love it. Have a great day!

    • Liam was anxious too, but it provided beautiful opportunity for grand discussion about it all. At the end he said, “Thank you for honoring me and talking through everything with me. Your the the best Mommy in the world.” Bliss moment…These conversations and opportunities to see each other thru it all is really what this journey is all about. Don’t we feel so blessed?! Look forward to hearing how your son does his first day too;)

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