In Honor of Heroes Lost and Heroes Born…Our Prayers Go Out to the Families of Connecticut

61822_505748462790321_1114233388_nToday was to be Part 2 of In Celebration of Closing A Door to Open a Window, but I cannot let this moment pass, this time when anyone with a child, who is lucky enough to still have blessed opportunity, is holding their precious ones tighter and revering them with new eyes in these last two days.

The shock and sadness the families in Connecticut are feeling has rippled its way into the hearts of all humanity.  There are no words that could ever express the pain, the fear, the hope for their courage and recovery.  How does one see their way through?  How does a parent ever overcome the loss of child and in such a way?

I believe, the only way, is through deep, swelling, genuine, raw, sometimes stumbling but always gently there, LOVE.

At the age of 17, Kirsten Roundell, my dear friend, lost her life in a car accident.  Over the next 6 years 5 friends also died in various, unexpected ways and I was left wondering and wanting.  But I found my way, through questions, through deep friendships, loving embraces, time and, for me, faith…in a beautiful, all-loving space beyond time and this.  The loss of these beings in the world, while indescribably painful for me at the time, was a beautiful and honoring experience in the lives of all those who had been touched by their ways.  Not one of us who knew Kirsten, Dave, Mike, Janis, Carrie, Lee were ever the same, ever, having known them and having had them taken away.  Their sparkle, their essence remained and they taught us the fragility of human life; they taught me to embrace the moments I have and never take one single second for granted.  I have lived my life, traveled, never settled for less than my highest vision of the life I can live, and focus my energies on how I can BE, Contribute, Inspire and LOVE better.  I owe these gorgeous souls my life.

There is no way the parents of the children who were taken far too soon in their little lives on Friday, feel this way now.  And while I loved my friends dearly, I tucked my boys in tonight and felt a profound and crippling ache at even the thought of losing them, that is beyond compare to another soul in this life.  It is instinct, they are who we are, and are for us an extension of our very hearts.  We cannot bare the thought of losing them, let alone not being there to comfort them in their fear and confusion.  I am shattered into a thousand pieces as I think of what these parents, each and every loved one of those taken that day, are enduring at this moment.  And then I realize, keenly, that my pain and suffering serves them not…my higher thoughts of peace, and healing and love do.  And so I pray.

I pray, in time, it heals.  I pray that the world turns from blame and anger to a desire to find a better way to reach and 380303_511678038853238_965683557_ncare for and help people who are so at a loss that they would find no way out other than to take the lives of innocent children, and fellow human beings, with them.  I pray that in this, that each beautiful child, teacher, the principal and every hero that passed on this week, will ignite in another a desire for them to BE Heroic in this world, in the myriad ways that call to their heart.  I hope with all that I am that we learn to love each other better, that we SEE each other better, that if a cry of help silently spills from a lost soul, that we have ears to hear and the strength and courage to extend our arms to embrace, especially when we would rather turn away.

In the midst of chaos, there is a calm, even when it escapes our understanding for a time,…and when we look through the mayhem to the incredible and magnificent sacrifices made so intuitively, so instantly, so powerfully, the laying down of life in the hope of saving another, this is where hope lives.  There has always been and will always be conflict in our world, but we can learn from these heroes and be strengthened anew and in this, and in a million flashing moments in the minds of those who loved them so … these heroes will never, ever, truly be taken from us.

Thank you to all those who were there and loved the children enough to protect them with your life.  We will not forget you and you will shape the lives of many in the days and years ahead.

In deep and abiding honor of you,
*In Gratitude to The Art of Learning for the Dali Lama picture and to Peace Compassion Love for the World picture. These are beautiful facebook pages that inspires beyond words.  I do hope you visit and share their works.
*Please also note, that while I share their pictures, they no doubt have their own way of viewing and expressing the events that occurred… I simply feel their works support the essence of what I was sharing here.  Thank you.

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