In Celebration of Closing a Door to Open a Window

Today’s post is a two-parter. This, the first, is in celebration of releasing what was to make way for what can be.

My husband Todd has been a professor for the last 5 years and today is his last day. He has loved his journey, inspiring young people to embrace their dreams and offering them the tools to embark on their adventures with keen sense and drive and success. He will be dearly missed by many who were often heard asking, “What classes will Todd Maki be teaching? I want to make sure I’m in those!”
(He would never tell you this, but I, his biggest fan, would),

I don’t think even Todd knew how much he would enjoy his role in education, but love it he did. And the challenge was just what he needed to take his years of corporate expertise with the likes of Disney and Universal Music, and give them practical merit in eager young minds.

The biggest joy for me, has been to watch him delve within himself, deliver to intrigued audiences, and glow when he would speak of his students and the team of professionals who encouraged and delighted in his efforts and contributions.

Oh what a ride it has been! Just what he needed, what we all needed, at precisely the right time (more on that in tomorrow’s post).

And yet, as with any full adventure, paths shift and take us down new and exhilarating roads we hardly could envision when we began. As such, is this…

Todd finishes his experience with Confederation College to embrace anew (Part-2).
In honor of his amazing journey and in celebration of ‘what’s next’, the boys and I decorated signs and greet him at the end of the day with awe and joy and love in our hearts.

Our journey, each and every element…the moments of pure and seemingly endless brilliance, the darkness that forces us to shine inspite and all the shifting in between… For it ALL forges who we are, in character, in dreams believed and in deed.

Congratulations Todd, my friend, my love!

Tomorrow you get the full skinny on the serendipitous events that brought us perfectly to here… The selling of all our possessions, the trip home, the simplification to make way for abundance & more.

In celebration of closing doors to open epic windows!

And here today, are the boys… Making their magic to celebrate their precious Daddy!
Creating and Posting for him to see right when he walked in!





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