1st Day of Christmas Suprise ~ Ideas to Create Your Own Happily Ever After

-3I could hear the giggles long before the click of the door latch.  They burst through, beaming.  “On the first day of Christmas my true loves gave to meeeee….,” they sang.  My 3 precious boys, Liam, Nathaniel and Todd handed me a wrapped bundle and waited, jiggling anxiously (well the little ones jiggled, my hubby look on with those beautiful kind eyes).

I gently slipped my finger through the tape.  Not intending to torture the onlookers, but oh how I like to take my time when opening a gift.  I never want to rush the moment.

And there it was, my decadent favorites… Liquer chocolates.

“We loooove you Momma!  Happy 1st Day of Christmas!” Nathaniel shouts.

“And, Mommy you know what this means right?” Liam asks.

“I know this is the bestest surprise ever.  Is there something else?”

“Oh YES!  This means you get a gift tomorrow and the day after and the day after.”

“Really!  Oh my.  I really am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.”

They leap on the bed, and deliver a kiss n’ hug attack and I, surrounded by the boys that have enriched my world beyond words, am keenly aware of the pure and simple and profound blessings of my life.

Our little guys are out the door and I turn to Todd, “Thank you.”  Words just don’t seem nearly enough for what this man delights me with daily.

“They’ve been so cute about keeping our little secret.  We talked about how much you do for us every day and this is our chance to show you just how much we appreciate you.  And the best part for me is seeing you sparkle, how you light up whenever there is something fun about.”

This whole experience swept me off my feet and made me realize, once again, how the fairy tale of life is created when we see what -4is before us and find fun and inventive ways to express the joy and love we feel for those blessings in our lives.

Who are the princes and princesses in your life that could use a reminder that they rock your world?

It is not about the cost of the reminder that counts, but truly the thought.  We all appreciate being appreciated and, funnily enough, when we are shown appreciation, it always just makes us want to do more doesn’t it?

So below are some fun ideas that take seconds to create and deliver, but their effect is sure to bring a smile and warmth that will linger.

Gratitude Acts to Delight & Inspire
* Implement your own 12 Days of Christmas, daily surprises, for a loved one
* Write an Appreciation Note, everyone (partner, friend, colleagues) loves a note that tells them how you feel or simply what you notice about them
* Buy and Bring a surprise Bevie (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)
* Give a tried and true gift, a single flower with a short note (I Appreciate All You Do … or get specific … how hard you work … the little ways you love us etc…)
* Give a candle with a note “Thank you for being a light in my life”
* Give a shiny penny with a note “Lucky YOU, Lucky ME!”
* Book a Date Walk – yep, as simple as taking them by the hand and whisking them away on a surprise walk around the block saying “I just wanted you all to myself for a moment”
* Take the kiddies (if this is your world), Leave them a note that says, “Happy Bliss Time – the kids and I are out and you have the house to yourself for the next hour, the coffee’s on and there is a piece of cheesecake in the fridge.”  (Obviously insert whatever is the fave of your loved one:)

And here are some links to even More Ideas…
* Romantic Ideas Online  – All the links to all the romantic ideas you’d ever need
* Love-Actually – Romantic Ideas on a Budget
* The Change Blog – How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

May you Live Happily Ever After … In All Your Actions and Receiving!

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