In Celebration of What Makes the Heart Sing

images“The more you loose yourself
in something bigger than yourself,
the more energy you will have.”

Norman Vincent Peale

My buzz, outside of the magical moments connecting with our boys, is to witness a person’s deepest desires unfold in reality.

Tonight was such an event.  My client, Dr. Heather Robertson, after 8 years in build-mode, 1 year in test-phase and the last 10 weeks in bring-‘er-all-about time, stood before a crowd of In8Wellness Challenge Graduates and honored their journey to here.  It was moving, inspiring, exhilarating.

There is nothing quite like a person who oozes the truth from their soul and brings light to the world in authentic recognition and delivery of a vision held clear.

As parents, we are born to love our children.  As LifeSchoolers, we feel called to educate those babes.  As human beings, we are called on myriad levels to rise to the occasion of the best of ourselves.

It matters not what attention we give to any endeavor,
but that we fuel, with conscious intention,
that thing that beckons from within,
that we heed the whisperings of our very soul.

Dr. Heather Robertson is educating people to Eat, Move and Think in ways that will empower them to experience new levels of WoW, in body, brain and being, to live more vital and vibrant lives.

I am LifeSchooling my children and fueling the dreams of kindred souls via workshops, strategic biz planning, coaching, marketing and communications through Project YES! Life.

What burning desire do you hold within you? What song still longs to be sung?  What are you here to DO and how will you begin DOing it?

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
John Wayne

What one thing will you do today to bring you one step closer in the direction of the very thing that you know not just that you can live with, but the very thing you know, truly, you cannot live without?

I wish you visions brilliant and clear, the strength to still yourself long enough to question and listen and, courage enough to ACT with verve and unwavering determination.

THIS, my friends, is how we WILL inspire the next generation of leaders to guide this world into more than even we thought could be achieved, on levels deeper and wider and more loving that we could have hoped for.

Thanks to stellar Resiliency Coach, Neerja Arora Bhatia at Rhythm of Success for the fab pic.  Check out the work this extraordinary woman is doing in the world to fuel the dreams of many.

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