Gramma Knows Best ~ Love Cups, Backward Supper, Faeries n’ Such

Annette Pic 1My new and fabulous friend Annette Stanwick, posted the most sensational and inspiring ‘status’ on facebook today…

“I am so grateful for our two precious grand daughters 9 and 6.. Here for a sleep over. Clay and I love doing things to fill their “love cups.” Christmas crafts spark their creative energy. Swimming with two energetic little dolphins was a blast and Annette Climbingso many laughs. Then a “backwards supper” Dessert first and THEN pizza! They loved it and the dessert first didn’t spoil their appetite! More crafts-painting love messages on river stones with gold and silver Sharpie Pens. Final snuggle and a story from Susanne Alexander-Heaton’ s FAERIES book. They were exhausted and so were we, but such joy, enthusiasm and the comment, “Gramma, I wish I could live at your house forever!” makes every minute worth it.”

WoW!  Do you engage with your little ones, your loved ones, with such verve, such sweet anticipation, so intent on creating the fantastical, the bubbling-over-joy and above all, SEE them with such gentle, genuine gratitude?  Do you see your life as such?  Do you see your partner, your friends, yourself, with such tenderness?

Oh I do, hope beyond hope, you said “YES!”  And if you know there is more to be shared of you with those you long to engage and delight, then by all means take a moment to pose a few powerful questions to self and unleash some Essentials 4 Life, brought to the forefront by Annette’s amazing account:

197988_500285999992351_1209387589_n~ How do you wish to be seen in the eyes of the little ones in your world, the people in your life?  Do you wish every encounter to leave them feeling “I wish I could live at your house forever?”

~ If yes, how can you create that for the people around you?  What can you plan?  What can you do?  Are you willing to step inside their hearts and minds and deliver what you know would ignite and delight them?  Yes?  Yea!

~ Now, how will you plan?  As we see from these simple, sweet, exchanges, it is NOT about the expense, the bling, the bang, it is about the Presence as the true and lasting Present.

This season is undoubtedly exhausting, but if it is filled with Oh So Much WORTH IT then the Love Cups around you be overflowing, the belly and soul be filled with Backward Experiencing, the Faeries shall light your way to more, and then as you pick up Sharpie Glitter Pen to Write One word on the Stone to Remind You of ALL Your Life IS, it will read ______________.

Your life to live, your joy to be shared, your creativity to be expressed, your stepping stone to more to be laid before you to inspire you on.  And through it all, if you can find those kindred souls, Those Gramma Souls, designed to love and teach and share, or BE one yourself, this world is all the sweeter a place to explore.

Bless you Annette for this fabulous story, this beautiful account that bares your soul and inspires us all to see the world just so.  Gramma has always, will always, know BEST:)
InJoy Lifeschoolers, InJOY,

To be inspired further by Annette Stanwick’s journey you can connect with her powerful book, Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle.  To explore the magic and inspiration of Susanne Alexander-Heaton of Motivated By Nature, see her extraordinary book The ABC Field Guide to Faeries

2 thoughts on “Gramma Knows Best ~ Love Cups, Backward Supper, Faeries n’ Such

    • The pleasure is all mine! I can’t wait to get a copy of your book and add to our curriculum for LifeSchool Inc. and then share with other Homeschooling families;) Such fun! J

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